The 12 years of arctic rock

The Indigo started in early 2003, when university roommates L. Päivärinta and J. Siekkinen had discovered having a similar taste for music and the skill of writing great songs. These two then gathered a line-up of five musicians to form a group later named as The Indigo. The line-up proved to be working well from the very start.

During their first years, The Indigo gigged with an accelerating pace in Finland. By 2006, The Indigo had produced three demo-cds. In the making of those early demos, the band learned many valuable lessons and the vision of how The Indigo should sound on a recording started to evolve.

The Indigo's two singles 'Killing Time' (September 2006) and 'Zodiac Skylight' (May 2007), were proud representatives of The Indigo's ever improving sound. In essence, they both carried the live spirit of The Indigo while the recorded sound of the band was still moving towards more layered and broader form. Both singles received excellent feedback from the listeners and music critics alike. Both singles were also welcomed in Finnish radios, and Zodiac Skylight went on to win the coveted prize of 'Best Song By Unsigned Band' of the biggest Finnish radio channel YleX in July 2007.

In April 2008, The Indigo released their debut EP, the 'Wait'. It was released through the band's own record label, Willowcape. The EP's five tracks received a warm welcome from media representatives and, most importantly, the listeners. Several of the EP's songs were aired on Finnish radios and the many music critics stated that with this release The Indigo claimed its place among the very top of Finnish poprock. The Indigo's second EP, 'Tideturning' (October 2009), introduced three new songs.

In January 2010, The Indigo entered Sonic Factory -studios to record their debut-album, 'All The Secrets'. The album was released through Willowcape Ltd, receiving a wide acclamation from the Finnish music critics.

In 2011, The Indigo started working around Janne Siekkinen's lyrical body of work, Masquerade. During the year the music for the thematic album was composed by the individual musicians as well as the band's joined efforts at the rehearsal den. The Indigo entered the good-ol' Sonic Factory in June 2012 and had the majority of the album's tracks recorded in four days. The album was released together with The Indigo's 10-year celebration on February 16th 2013.

As of May 2015, The Indigo is working with new material to put together another thematic album. A single Where the Willows Weep was released April 28th with enthusiastic feedback from fans and music professionals alike.

The journey continues...